• Fee Information

    Students will be invoiced annually or by semester. All invoices for new students must be finalized prior to the student commencing classes.

  • Fee Applicable

    1. A one-time non-refundable Application Fee of IDR 2,700,000 upon submission of the Application form.

    2. A one-time non-refundable Enrolment Fee of IDR 6,750,000. Note: the Enrolment fee is converted to Refundable School Deposit upon enrolment and will be refundable upon termination of enrolment as an AIS student.

    3. For students commencing after Term 1, theTuition fees are calculated on a pro-rate (by term) basis:

    • A student who attends during Week 1 to Week 5 of the term will be charged the full Tuition fees for that term

    • A student who attends after Week 5 of the term will be charged pro-rated Tuition fees for that term



    1. Additional International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Fee applies:

    • For students enrolling in Year 12, an IB Exam and registration Fee is charged in Term 1. This fee is per exam and at the rate on the IB Website.

    2. A one-time Textbook Deposit of IDR 4,050,000 is charged to Secondary students (Year 7 – Year 12). This deposit is fully refundable on return of textbooks & locker key prior to the student’s final departure from school. Textbooks and locker key will not be issued until the Textbook Deposit is paid. Fines are imposed for those books which show excessive deterioration in condition or have been lost whilst in the student’s possession. Students are required to pay for lost locker keys.

  • Parents Requiring Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance may be provided to families of students who have been enrolled in the School for more than one year and pay their own fees. The Financial Assistance Application Form is available at the Admissions Office. The criteria and regulation of the Financial Assistance is stipulated in the application form. The School has discretionary power to award financial support on a needs basis.

  • Terms of Payment

    Tuition fees may be paid annually or by semester; a semester covers two terms. Invoice will be issued one term in advance and is payable two weeks prior to the starting of the following term. New students are required to pay prior to commencement of classes. A late payment charge of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be applied to any overdue accounts.

    For new students paying with the annual rate, payment shall be a single payment (in one invoice). For new students paying with the semester rate, invoices for payment will be issued twice in a year.

    New enrolments commencing in Term 2 or Term 4 only Options for new students commencing in Term 2 or Term 4 and wishing to pay:

    Annual basis

    One invoice will be issued and payment will cover four terms using the annual rate.

    Two options for Semester basis


    1. One invoice will be issued and a single payment should be received. Payment covers the commencing term fee (at the Semester rate for the running Term) and the following semester’s fee

    2. Two invoices will be issued. Two payments should be received.

    • Commencing term fee (at the Term rate which is 5% higher than the semester rate for the running term, due within 2 weeks)
    • The following semester’s fee (at the Semester rate, due 2 weeks before the start of the following semester)
  • Cancellation of Enrolment

    For a fee refund, a written notification is to be received by Finance Department one month prior to the last day of school.

    1. Refund applies for the Tuition Fee and Bus Service Fee

    • For students who pay annually – please fill in the Refund Form available from the Administration desk.
    • For students who pay by semester – please fill in the Refund Form and provide a letter from the employer confirming overseas employment relocation. Refund cannot be processed unless the supporting letter is provided.


    2. The refund calculation shall be as follows:

    • A student who attends less than half a term (5 Weeks) will receive pro-rated refund for the term not attended
    • A student who attends more than half the term will not receive any refund for that term


    3. In the event that a student is expelled no refund will be made.

    4. The deposit is fully refundable where the required notice is given.

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