We are proud of AIS: Tomoko Ohmura Oiwa , Parent, AIS Kemang

Well, it’s been more than a year and half since we put our only daughter Asumi to AIS. To tell the truth, the AIS was our second choice at first. I am an American school graduate and it was natural for me to lead our daughter to take the same path as I did. However, we were very coldly rejected by our first choice school. Rather disappointed, we came to AIS, however, it did not take too long for us to be  convinced that the AIS is the BEST school in Indonesia.

Asumi came here with a very little experience in being with other nationalities. She was intimidated at first and was not confident with her English either. And look now how she has improved and achieved in just a year or so.  I think Asumi has dramatically developed into a very good student with a sense of balance and comprehensive reasoning.  The AIS teachers are so friendly and mothers are very enthusiastic. I trust the supporting staff people as well.  

All of us Japanese mothers are so happy about the entire school and the way it teaches, guides, cares, nurtures, and enlightens the kids.  Here at AIS, I am so confident that it definitely is the BEST school in Indonesia. And I am sure Asumi would say the same thing to you. She is so proud of AIS and so am I. 

Tomoko Ohmura Oiwa , Parent, AIS Kemang (Mother of ASUMI 6M),  Freelance Journalist/ TV & Radio Producer , Advisor to Japan Desk, Radio Republic Indonesia, Former Staff Writer and Newscaster, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation (—Dec. 2012) 

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