Love the approach to learning at AIS: Sarah Moses, AIS Parent

As a new parent on our first overseas posting, AIS has been the key factor in how happy and settled our family feels here in Jakarta. It is such a warm school, with a welcoming community of parents and friendly, approachable teachers.

Our children jumped straight into life at AIS without hesitation, making friends quickly and connecting to teachers, Specialist teachers, teaching assistants, class pets…! They love the approach to learning at AIS, commenting that it all feels so familiar and similar to experiences in Australia. They are thoroughly enjoying the hands-on learning experiences, the opportunity for creativity, the encouragement to be themselves and to follow their interests. Their teachers helped our children to feel comfortable and confident immediately and have shown an insight into the way they think, feel and learn.

As a new Mum at the school, it has been lovely to discover that the parents at AIS are friendly and down-to-earth and that they make a constant effort to include new parents in all that is going on around the school. I love the buzz of the school, and love that even as a brand new parent, I was instantly a part of committees and events that have proved to be stimulating and rewarding.

I already know that when we eventually leave Jakarta, the hardest part will be leaving AIS behind.

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