Caring and diligent staff: Shane Wiese

We have two boys currently studying at AIS Balikpapan and I am very happy with their progress. The staff are attentive and always helpful, putting the students first always! There is an atmosphere of friendship, family and support which is noticeable at this campus instigated by the caring and diligent staff. They learn patience, consideration and an understanding of other cultures which again is fostered by the staff. Considering the small population the facilities are first rate with bright cheery classrooms and great space to safely run, play, swim and generally have fun, all of which is overseen and well controlled.

The school is technically up to date with computers and other electronic aids with both technical and educational support from the AIS group of schools. I am looking forward to the future with our boys attending AIS Balikpapan and advancing in their studies as I am sure they will in this environment.

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