Extra Curricula Activities

Participation in extra curricula activities helps students feel welcome as well as gives them a sense of belonging

AIS offers a wide range of Extra Curricula Activities (ECA’s) for students to explore their passions and interests, find new pastimes and take on leadership opportunities.

Students from Years 1-12 can join a wide range of ECA’s including sport activities such as Badminton, Taekwondo, Tennis and Soccer.

Creative and problem solving activities such as Chess, Origami, Choir, IT Robotics and Dance are further examples of the diverse range available.

AIS Swim Program

There are two swimming programs at AIS Jakarta based campuses– the AIS Nippers Learn to Swim and the AIS Piranhas Swim Team. Please see below the informational links about the two programs. Swimming safety is very important in a child's development.  With so many pools in and around Jakarta, basic learn to swim skills are extremely important. 

AIS Nippers Program

The Nippers Learn to Swim program offers a standardized program with 8 levels which ensures students cover all the proper skills and techniques of swimming. Levels 1 to 2 lessons are conducted at the Kemang campus teaching pool (depth of 1.2 m), whereas all Levels are conducted at the Pejatan AIS High School campus pool at Pejaten Barat Raya #69 (5 minutes from the primary campus). 

 For further inquiry please contact Head Coach Audrey at piranhas.headcoach@ais-indonesia.com

Nippers Program registration form PLEASE CLICK HERE

AIS Piranhas Swimming Club

The AIS Piranhas program provides swimmers with the chance to consolidate stroke technique build endurance and engage in competitive swimming. Swimmers are given the opportunity to compete at swim meets throughout the year. There are 3 Piranha levels; Junior, White and Green. The Piranhas are coached by several coaches including Head Coach Audrey Jiwajennie.

If your child is interested in competitive swimming and would like to try out for the AIS Piranhas Swim Team please contact our Head Swimming Coach Audrey Jiwajennie to organise a trial.

Piranhas registration form: PLEASE CLICK HERE

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